An Easy Guide Before You Shop Jewelry For Girlfriend

    Let’s talk about why carefully chosen jewelry for girlfriend has the power to make her heart beam with joy.

    You can choose bold or delicate, expensive or inexpensive, classic or modern when you buy jewelry for girlfriend. All you need is a standout piece that’ll add special meaning to the celebration.

    There’s a very valid reason why the best jewelry gifts for girlfriend (or any special woman in your life) have got to be a celebration with diamonds. Because diamonds are everlasting, beautiful and have a fire within them that no other gemstone can boast of.

    Don’t be overwhelmed at the mention of diamonds. With lab grown diamonds, you not only get to choose diamonds whose origin is guaranteed but are also certified by independent gem labs so that you will always be sure about your diamond and its 4Cs.

    By choosing lab grown diamonds, you have made sure that your diamond wasn’t a part of the irreversible impact to the bio-diversity that’s associated with mining!

    If Shopping For Jewelry Gifts Under $500

    Show your feelings for your girlfriend with this beautiful piece. Our lab grown diamonds – every single one of them – are crafted to shine bold and bright. This characteristic becomes more apparent when you choose a solitaire (featuring a single diamond with minimal metal inference in the design) necklace for your girlfriend making her feel like the queen she really is!

    This very elegant necklace features a 1/4 TCW round solitaire pendant in a four prong basket setting
    jewelry for girlfriend
    The basket setting is crafted to securely hold the solitaire diamond for everyday use, making sure the diamond’s light performance remains maximized. The V-shape bail suspends the pendant prominently


    The best part about pendants that glide over chain is that your girlfriend can choose to wear it with a chain of her choice or use it as a charm on a bracelet, pin it on as a dainty brooch or style this necklace with another gemstone and create her own layered look.

    For the minimalistic girlfriend, an eternity circle pendant can be a very eloquent choice. This pendant features 20 small accent diamonds encrusted along a hollow circle, representing a never-ending circle of life and love. You can choose from 10K/14K white, yellow or rose gold variants, making this necklace very personalized gift for a girlfriend who love to keep it simple and gorgeous.

    jewelry for girlfriend birthday
    Effervescently Attractive Circle Pendant (0.5 TCW) in 10K, Rose Gold variant; The pendant features 20 small diamonds encrusted around a circle; Prices start at $469


    When Shopping Jewelry For A New Girlfriend…

    First jewelry gift for girlfriend can be a nerve-wrecking experience. We get that!
    (P.S. Don’t Forget To Read Our 5 Step Guide Below Which Can Help Make This Decision Easier For You!)

    Who doesn’t love a pair of brilliant diamond studs? And prong style mountings really do look great on diamonds of any shape, immediately making them a popular style for ear studs. 

    A versatile style of jewelry, you can shop with confidence that she will probably never take these off. The superior 4Cs of our diamonds in this round diamond stud set in yellow gold or white gold make them perfect for both, a professional event or a casual set-up.   

    best jewelry gift for girlfriend
    Candlelight Stud Earrings; 1/2 TCW; Price starts at $399
     girlfriend jewelry
    Set in a martini style, three prong setting, adds a more streamlined silhouette to this design
    diamond ear studs for girlfriend
    Also available in 14K/18K white gold variants

    A dazzling pair of diamond stud earrings is totally the little black dress of jewelry. Gift your girlfriend these LovBe ear studs which she can wear easily from gym to her work place!

    first jewelry gift for girlfriend
    Glacier Stud Earrings; 1/2 TCW; Prices start at $399
    jewelry ideas for girlfriend
    Four prongs secure the diamond and when seen from side, the prongs and the mounting’s flat base looks like a basket










    first jewelry for girlfriend
    Three Stone Diamond Studs (1/2 TCW) in 14K white gold; prices start at $399

    Another befitting choice would be this three-stone diamond stud (1/2 TCW) in 14K white gold, where the round brilliant diamonds stacked like a clover shape in a shared prong setting. 

    In a new relationship, or when buying first jewelry gift for girl friend, do not hesitate to solicit help from her friends. Remember, she will never forget the fact that you took so many steps to get her the ‘right’ jewelry. After all it’s the thought that counts when it comes to birthday gifts.


    If Picking Out Jewelry For Girlfriend’s Birthday or Anniversary…

    When marking a relationship milestone or an important day like her birthday, make it extra special with a three-stone diamond necklace. The most widely accepted significance of the three-stone diamond jewelry is representing the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship. Three stones also represent always, now, and forever. And there’s no doubt that this LovBe three stone pendant will make a perfect staple for her jewelry wardrobe.

    Option 1: A feminine rose gold pendant sporting graduating round diamonds that will speak volumes about your special bond

    best jewelry for girlfriend birthday
    Three Stone Ladder Pendant (1 TCW.) in 14K rose gold; Prices start at $929

    Option 2: A radiant halo of three round diamonds, that accentuates her neckline and makes a confident statement that she’s loved! LovBe’s trilogy pendant features sparkling trio of halos fused vertically.   

    birthday necklace for girlfriend
    Elegant Round Trilogy Pendant (1 TCW.); available in 14K/18K white, yellow or rose gold and platinum variants; Prices start at $899
    jewelry for your girlfriend
    14K yellow gold variant


    If you have been together for a while then definitely don’t scrimp on her birthday gift. Go with either one main piece of fine jewelry or a set of two pieces matched to make a jewelry set. For instance, a 14K/18K girlfriend necklace with complementary shape of ear studs or a gorgeous tennis bracelet that will brighten up a room on its own.

    jewelry for new girlfriend
    5 carat (total weight) prong set tennis bracelet in 14K white gold; Prices start at $2999

    A dazzling pair of diamond stud earrings or a diamond pendant are really the little black dress of jewelry. So, invest in high-quality stones with plenty of fire, because she’ll wear and love this gift for a lifetime. Your girlfriend is one-of-a-kind and so should be your gift to her.

    While we have listed some excellent options, come and browse through our exclusive collection of fine diamond jewelry gifts for yourself. 

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    Before you start shopping for jewelry, walk yourself through these 5 basic step guide and so you would know exactly what would be the best jewelry for girlfriend.

    Step 1: It probably is a good idea to start by finding out what kind of jewelry your girlfriend wears the most. And that calls for a few days of close observation to make a note of jewelry she puts on for school/college, work, weekends, or for special occasions.

    Step 2: If you have been in a one for a while, you would have noticed if there is any particular jewelry that she wears daily or weekly? This will give you a better idea whether you should be looking at a necklace, a band style ring, bracelet, or earring.

    Step 3: Once you know what kind of jewelry she wears most, it is time to figure out the style of jewelry she prefers. Just as there are styles in clothing, jewelry too is categorized by designs that could be modern, geometric, casual, bohemian, minimalist, bold (statement-making) etc. In general, we recommend buying a classic piece of jewelry that can be paired or matched at will.

    Step 4: Fine jewelry is typically made with 14K or 18K white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum. Precious stones like diamonds need to be set securely within jewelry designs, so the prongs and settings need to be durable and strong to withstand daily use. Typically, 14K gold is a favorite for fine jewelry as it’s stronger and affordable than 18K variants. White metal adds more glamor to the diamond’s sparkle. But really rose or yellow gold metal jewelry is very trendy too.

    Step 5: Fix a budget. Not only will it help in narrowing down but it would also help you in evaluating similar styles across different stores and brands and choose the best jewelry gift for your girlfriend.


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