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    Just like a Louis Vuitton monogrammed anything, Hermes Birkin, and a solid pair of denim, diamond tennis bracelets are what the fashion gods call – a timeless, must-have item for every woman.

    These dainty looking diamond bracelets bring some serious glamor quotient to the wrist and look even more fabulous when layered!

    A tennis bracelet is defined as a single, flexible strand of small stones, most commonly diamonds which could be lab created diamonds or ones form earth, set with prong style as this setting can really makes smaller diamonds shine optimally while safely holding on to them. You could switch you the style and use  any stone along with diamonds really such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or a mix of multiple stones. Your very own Made to Order piece!

    Re-christening of Diamond Eternity Bracelets to Diamond Tennis Bracelets

    Before they were called diamond tennis bracelets, they were actually called “eternity bracelets.” Designed to showcase one’s eternal love, they were the kind of thing to buy your partner to say, “I want to be with you for a long, long time.” Awww!

    gold diamond tennis bracelet

    The term ‘tennis bracelet’ actually caught on in 1978 during the US Open tennis tournament, when professional tennis player Chris Evert (pictured above) lost her bracelet mid-game. She asked for the game to pause temporarily while she retrieved it. Later in an interview, Evert was asked about the bracelet incident, in which she called her tennis bracelet.

    Since then, these dainty pieces of jewelry have been known as tennis bracelets. The ones today, come with an extra secure locking mechanism to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. 

    From Penelope Cruz’s 24-carat heart-shaped tennis bracelet spotted at the premiere of the film ‘Nine’ to Meghan Markle wearing Princess Diana’s tennis bracelet, this piece of jewelry is a staple for royals and screen celebrities. Markle has even sported this sentimental piece of jewelry in her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired on CBS. Princess Diana was last seen wearing the bracelet prior to her death in 1997. The same bracelet of Diana was also the source of two stones for Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry!

    diamond tennis bracelet
    The Duchess of Sussex arriving for the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey, London wearing Princess Diana’s tennis bracelet (March 11, 2018) Photo credit: Matt Crossick/Empics

    The versatility and sophistication style makes a diamond tennis bracelet one of the most popular jewels of all time, across ages.

    Most Popular Sizes: 2 & 3 carat diamond tennis bracelets

    Since the tennis bracelet is a piece one will want to have and wear forever, it’s very important that the size of the diamond feels comfortable to you so that you don’t have to always take it off. As long as the bracelet is securely fastened, you can wear one day in and day out, even whilst living actively. 

    Take for instance, tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams who have both adorned many diamond tennis bracelets on the court. In 2002, Serena Williams reportedly wore an impressive 12-carat Harry Winston tennis bracelet on her wrist to a game!

    3 carat diamond tennis bracelet
    3 carat (total weight) prong set Diamond Tennis Bracelet; prices start at $1,999

    Many jewelry designers even equate the bracelet with the eternity ring, because of its sheer structure of running diamonds end-to-end. By virtue of design, tennis bracelet will have similar sized diamonds matched in quality i.e. color and clarity.

    A 2 carat diamond tennis bracelet (total carat weight) set with 89 small round brilliant lab grown diamonds retails for $1499 on LovBe. These diamonds are GH color grade and graded as Slightly Included (SI) clarity making them ‘eye-clean’ with sparkling white appearance. Do note, that diamond color is more important than diamond clarity when you are looking for tennis bracelets because the stones tend to be smaller and inclusions are hard to see.

    The higher color of these diamonds will ensure that there’s no color tint to wash out the light of these diamonds. Set in 14K white gold or 14k yellow gold, LovBe’s lab grown diamond tennis bracelet would make a great gift to commemorate a special milestone.

    One small differentiating factor from one tennis bracelet to another is the setting style which secures the small diamonds. A prong setting is most popular where small metal tips are hold diamonds all over, each linked to the other to allow free movement. You can also style a tennis bracelet with a bezel set row of diamonds with their backs linked together. A channel setting would feature metal pieces horizontally on either side of the diamond to create a parallel look. 

    Generally diamond tennis bracelets measure 5 to 9 inches, with the best fitted bracelet encircling the wrist without being too tight or too loose. (Tip: When you can fit one finger between the bracelet and your wrist, it’s a perfect size)

    There’s a reason why tennis bracelets are so versatile, as you can easily elevate their look by pairing with an opulent watch or stacking with multiple other bracelets. They can go from a day wear to an evening style just as effortlessly. 

    Most Popular Metal: Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet

    2 carat diamond tennis bracelet
    Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet (2 TCW) featuring 89 IGI certified lab grown diamonds

    Karat (K) refers to the purity level of gold. For tennis bracelets, you would mostly find variants in 14K and 18K gold. (Remember: 24-karat gold is 100% gold, where all twenty-four parts contain pure gold) Due to the higher concentration of metals, 14K gold is sturdier than 18K, guaranteeing better resistance to scratches, especially for a piece of jewelry that will be on your hands. When your tennis bracelet is made of 14K gold, the metal contains 58.5% gold and rest is alloys that give the jewelry the sturdiness you expect from it.

    Yellow gold has been on top of the style charts for almost all jewelry for last couple of years. The beauty of this warm hued metal is just an absolute delight in any season. Plus, it pairs effortlessly well with colored stones, other metals.

    The 14K/18K white gold tennis bracelets are, of course, timeless and will be always in demand by those who know their metal choice regardless of what the fashion mags say.

    LovBe’s lab grown diamond tennis bracelets are made with the finest mountings, made to last a lifetime, and always set with shimmering bright diamonds. Ask our Diamond Concierge for assistance in designing your own diamond tennis bracelet in a metal and carat weight of your choosing!



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