Fine Jewelry Gifts – No One Can Say No To These!


    Dazzle away in LovBe’s timeless fine jewelry gifts consisting of hand-picked designs that one can wear everyday or style them suitably to complement the personality of the wearer. Gifting fine diamond jewelry is very thoughtful and can be a significant souvenir to mark an important event or personal milestone for you or ones close to you. 

    Buying a high quality fine jewelry gift is no small purchase and that’s why LovBe offers its customers 60-day free returns on all products (no questions asked!) and free shipping too. With dazzling diamond earrings, pendants, and rings set in a variety of metals, you will definitely be spoilt for choice! Our lab-grown diamonds are certified by IGI for their cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, and are available in a range of shapes and sizes. LovBe’s collection of fine jewelry brings you exquisite jewelry for your everyday style. LovBe is committed to provide you with the best quality in Lab Grown Diamonds and that’s because we carefully select our lab grown diamonds holding each up to high quality control standards. This quality control ensures you get lab diamonds with maximum sparkle and at best value. Browse LovBe’s fine jewelry design here.

    Diamond Ear Studs: Your Everyday Sparklers 

    Some jewelry gifts like a pair of diamond ear studs are the ultimate jewelry wardrobe staples! Buy them for yourself or choose a pair for your special someone, diamond ear studs are an absolute ‘must-have’ piece of jewelry for any age. This style, which first became popular in the nineteenth century, is still going strong today. Ancient Egyptians reportedly wore stud earrings to signify their wealthy backgrounds. Modern day celebrities like Meghan Markle have styled their wedding gowns with diamond studs and are even spotted wearing them regularly ever since. 

    The versatility of diamond studs is such that they can be perfect with a casual outfit to the park or elevate the work suit look or add the right dash of sparkle to a weekend outfit. No wonder, diamond stud earrings are the cornerstone of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. While the most common and popular styles for diamond ear studs are round-shaped diamonds, there is always a choice of picking out your own diamond shape. Lab-grown diamond ear studs are crafted in 14K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and even platinum (upon custom request). LovBe’s diamond stud ear studs are available in three-prong or four-prong setting styles that protect your lab-grown diamonds as well allow for optimal light to pass through diamonds.

    To achieve maximum shine and fire, LovBe recommends choosing diamonds graded at least H-I in color and SI2 in clarity. Also, it is very important to make sure that you choose stud earrings with certified diamonds to make sure you get the quality of diamond you pay for. The most popular diamond stud is one-carat total weight diamond stud earrings, which have a half-carat diamond set in each earring. 

    Diamond Earrings: Make A Dazzling StatementInternational Women’s DayRegal and feminine, diamond earrings dangling from the ear lobes are a statement in themselves. It is easy to mesmerize with a pair of sparkling diamond earrings because when they move with you, catching the sun and dancing in spotlights — no one can ignore that beauty! LovBe’s collection of earrings includes classy diamond hoops which are tagged as ‘retro favorites’. Go for larger thin hoop earrings if you want to exude a young and trendy look, while smaller hoops will make a more reserved and elegant statement. For optimum sparkle, LovBe recommends using diamonds graded no less than G-H in color and SI in clarity. Or take a look at LovBe’s halo set ear studs which sparkle absolutely gloriously. These halo style earrings add a dimension of symmetry and grace to any wearer, enhancing their ensemble.

    We promise that our attention to detail in choosing the best looking lab grown diamonds will shine through in both the precision with which our craftsmen design the fine jewelry, as well as the skill with which they are combined in settings. 


    Diamond Pendants – Complete That Look  

    jewelry gifts

    Subtle and gorgeous, a layer (or two) of diamond pendants twinkling around your neck is all what it takes to shine. LovBe’s fine jewelry pendants are very versatile and can add glamour to everyday looks for that office brunch with colleagues or drink with friends. Simple to style, effortless to wear, and easy to love diamond pendants became an instant hit in the late 20th century as they were less expensive from other forms of fine jewelry and are extremely elegant. LovBe’s collection of captivating pendants include exclusive solitaire pendants featuring a pear, round, oval, emerald, princess, and round cuts in prong style settings for a magnificent appearance. A diamond solitaire pendant in white gold is simply gorgeous. Opt for a large carat weight pendant for a more dramatic look or a halo style solitaire pendant that features a plethora of smaller glistening stones. Irrespective of the style you choose, you can’t go wrong with either! For diamond pendants, we recommend either 14K or 18K metal options as they are durable and an excellent choice for everyday wear. Browse LovBe’s most popular pendants and find inspiration for the perfect gift-from eye-catching timeless diamond pendants.

    Bracelets – You Deserve It All


    We can capture the essence of diamond bracelets in 2 words — pure magic! Tennis bracelets are thin with a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds and the name stuck by since 1987 when American tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match, refusing to continue until she found her bracelet! In the seventeenth century, European women revived bracelets as a fashion accessory. This vogue gained special love and more popularity in the nineteenth century, and remains a much loved accessory even today. Lab grown diamond bracelets are crafted in 14K yellow or white gold as it’s far an all-rounder choice due to the fact that they are more reliable, durable, and are affordable than 18K yellow or white gold. Also, to attain that extra shine in your bracelets, we recommend G-H color and SI clarity diamonds which will bling that bracelet out, nice and bright. Whatever the season, LovBe’s classic bracelet collection will make you stand out of the crowd – in all the right ways! These are chic and versatile bracelets that you will wear non-stop today and for years to come. Even if you prefer not wearing too much jewelry, a sturdy yet elegant tennis bracelet is a valuable style asset for every occasion.

    Wedding Bands – Your Love, Yours Forever

    Adding a wedding band or restyling your engagement ring with a matched band is a great way to create your own stack of glittering beauty! If your proposal was a surprise or unexpected, we would recommend don’t rush into buying a wedding band. Take time to plan the style you want. A wedding band (along with your engagement ring) is after all going to be a very tangible part of your relationship and a lasting symbol of your love for (and commitment to) each other. Design aspects like metal and style type should be taken into consideration as well as the budget you decide for the wedding band. All of these can help you narrow the search and lessen the frustration.

    Start with browsing online on LovBe and see what kind of ring draws your attention — a simplistic band or one with some extra bling? Do you want the metal to match your partners? Do you want the wedding band metal or design to match your engagement ring? For example, if your engagement ring features a round or oval solitaire and you would like some more bling in the wedding band, an eternity band with round or oval diamonds would complement it majestically. Just make sure your band doesn’t take the attention away from the main center diamond.  From classic wedding bands to 24 stone bands, we have got you covered with all the unique preferences of wedding bands.

    Quick Guide To Best Jewelry Gifts For Wedding Day  

    We all have individual personalities and style, and we express who we are in many ways. Just like your one-of-kind love, the jewelry you wear on your big day is a great way to tell a story. The way you would style your fine jewelry, can truly define your wedding day style! Here are tried and tested lab grown diamond jewelry which you can choose to accessorize for your wedding day or night ‘looks’:

    1. Metal Color For The Jewelry: If you’re having trouble deciding between white gold and yellow gold jewelry, let your gown be the driver. Bright white dresses pair best with platinum or white gold jewelry because of their luminous hues. If you select an ivory gown, opt for gold jewelry. Choose an elegant tennis bracelet to add that extra dose of oomph. While a simple gold tennis bracelet is guaranteed to draw attention.  

      jewelry gifts
      Prong Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    2. For that Neckline – Depending on the neckline of that wedding dress or evening after-party, diamond pendants are rather versatile! A dainty chain and a solitaire pendant often make just as much of an impact as a chunky, more embellished piece does. Best thing that diamond pendants make for a great addition to your jewelry box.
      jewelry gift diamond pendant
      Treasured Heart Pendant
      jewelry gifts
      Stylish Solitaire Pendant


      jewelry gifts wedding gifts
      Captivating Halo Pendant

    LovBe offers you several classic designs for diamond pendants. Delicate and elegant necklaces give maximum bang for your buck because you can style them with jeans or an evening dress, just as beautifully as you would with a once-in-a-lifetime gown.

    3. Choose to Shine – Perfect that ‘all diamond’ look with a dainty ear stud or diamond earrings. With LovBe’s lab grown diamond ear studs, you can very well choose to gift your bridal gang with this dainty jewelry gift (Diamond Stud prices start at $399!) and also style yourself very distinctly with some halo style ear studs or match style with your your diamond pendant even!

    Wedding jewelry gifts are a sentiment, and should reflect you and your partner’s tastes. We, at LovBe, strongly believe that you should choose something that makes your heart smile, even after the day is over, so that you can cherish it forever!



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