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    While we are lucky enough to celebrate engagements everyday here at LovBe, the rest of the world will be celebrating National Proposal Day on March 20th! A day to recognize marriage proposals, it may as well be called National Engagement Ring Day, as we know most couples will celebrate this day with the exchange of a ring. 

    While the exact history of this ‘holiday’ is unknown, National Proposal Day coincides with the Spring Equinox, also known as the first day of spring, a time for new beginnings.  One of only two days a year when day and night are equally as long as each other, the equinox symbolizes two equal efforts — what any successful marriage should be!

    So you’ve found the perfect partner and decided to make it official. What is next on your National Proposal Day To Do list? 

    Figure Out What to Say? 

    Who best to ask than the experts at Martha Stewart for some recommendations on a perfect proposal speech.  Authenticity is key…as is remembering to ask those four magic words! Hint: Will you marry me? 

    Decide Where to Propose?

    While the options may be limited this year due to the current global travel restrictions, you can definitely get some inspiration by the team at Brides. How about recreating aspects of these destinations in a local park or even virtually in your living room? 

    Now that you know where you’re going to propose, and what you are going to say…what’s left but deciding what you’re going to propose WITH! 


    LovBe has more than 1,200 unique ring settings from which to choose. Add in the world-class selection of lab grown diamonds, and the possibilities are endless. From classic 4-prong solitaires, to vintage-inspired treasures, LovBe has a ring for everyone. And if for some reason you cannot find a ring that makes your heart skip a beat, LovBe’s Diamond Concierge is on hand to assist with creating a Custom Design. From an initial pencil sketch to slipping the finished sparkler on your finger, LovBe’s five-star customer service team will be your guide every step of the way on your custom engagement ring journey. 

    LovBe’s Ring Creator is the best place to start your ring shopping journey. Start by selecting from thousands of lab grown diamonds, or go straight to finding your perfect setting.   

    To get you excited for your ring building journey, here are a few of LovBe’s current best sellers: 

    Classic, 4-Prong Solitaire 

    featuring a Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond 

    Solitaire with Pavé Band

    featuring Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds

    3-Stone Ring

    featuring Round Brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds

    Halo Setting

    featuring a Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond

    Romantic Filigree

    featuring a Pear Shape Lab Grown Diamond



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