Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Make Sense?

    Shopping for a diamond engagement ring is an important milestone. The first important decision that you will need to make is if you want lab grown diamonds or pick a naturally mined diamond. And to make that decision, you need to understand, what are lab-grown diamonds or lab-created diamonds.

    Lab grown diamonds or a natural mined diamond are both ‘diamonds.’ Optically, chemically, and physically, they’re same. Both have pure carbon in the crystalline form. The key difference is that mined diamonds need to be dug up from earth while their lab-created counterparts are grown above the ground in hi-tech laboratories. 


    How are lab-grown diamonds produced?

    After decades of research, scientists have developed technology that can recreate the conditions under which a diamond is produced. And the good news is, it just takes a few weeks to do so!

    With a technology called High-Pressure High-Temperature, pure carbon is melted around a carbon seed in conditions of high pressure and temperature. After being carefully cooled, they’re cut to diamonds with perfect clarity. But we’re not done here. Scientists have also developed another diamond growth technology called CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition method where a carbon seed is sealed in a chamber and pure methane gas is introduced. At a temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius, carbon breaks away from methane or CH4, raining onto the carbon seed and growing into a diamond layer by layer. 

    Is lab made diamond any different than a natural diamond? 

    Apart from the source of their formation, everything else is pretty much the same. A diamond mined from the depths of Earth and one created within the four walls of a lab constitute the same chemical composition – 100% carbon. And if you’re shopping from the right place like LovBe, then you can expect to get the highest quality lab-grown diamond for your budget. Traditional diamonds and lab made diamonds have the same refractive index, hardness, crystal structure, and are graded according to the same 4Cs. Those being cut, clarity, color, and carat, making it 100% diamond. 

    The Cut in a diamond is the secret behind its sparkle and the way it will sit on your ring. Clarity is the qualitative measure of any blemishes present in your stone. Color refers to the tint or yellowing visible on your diamond. The higher the quality, the more colorless the diamond will appear. Lastly, carat is the measurement of the weight aka the size of your diamond.


    How much would it cost you to get a lab-grown diamond engagement ring? 

    You could walk away with a cool 30-40% savings in your pocket as compared to what you would pay for a comparable mined diamond Which also means you can upgrade to a bigger diamond carat (now who wouldn’t like that!) or use the savings to pick out a premium ring setting. Take a look at prices of lab-created diamond engagement rings here: LovBe’s engagement collection. If you would like to use savings from a lab-grown engagement ring to get a matched band then head right to LovBe’s Band Collection

    lovbe lab-grown diamond ringWhat makes a lab made diamond so unique? 

    Traditional diamonds are dug from deep inside the surface of the Earth. The process of mineral extraction displaces a lot of soil, and this has a direct impact of biodiversity. When you purchase a lab-grown diamond, you are certain of the origin of your diamond. There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that.

    About 70% of millennials are considering lab-grown diamonds, according to latest consumer reports from MVI. There’s a kind of appeal in having your diamond engineered through technology, without wreaking any permanent damage to the biodiversity. Pause to think for a second. How awesome is that! 

    Now that you know the benefits of getting a lab-grown diamond, where do you start? 

    Probably the most important part of shopping for lab made diamonds is making sure they come verified. LovBe’s lab-grown diamonds are certified by reputed independent grading institutes to assure you of your diamond’s quality. Lab grown diamonds are graded in the same way as naturally mined diamonds through what’s known as the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

    Next, look for the return policy. Whether you are buying online or from a local jewelry store, always ask about the returns policy because change of mind is real. LovBe offers 60-day free returns for all purchases.

    We also recommend that you look up the reviews before shopping with a brand. If the users before you are happy with their diamonds, you can safely place your trust in that brand. LovBe is loved by its customers, and the 5-star reviews are worth a look. Along with excellent jewelry, LovBe is committed to provide every customer a five-star service experience.

    When shopping online, it is wise to choose brands that offer lab-grown diamond rings in close-up 360° views so that you can visually compare clarity, color, and cut of your diamond. LovBe offers 360° HD viewing for its diamonds which allows customers to examine or compare diamonds.

    In the end, our advice to you is to pick a diamond that speaks to your heart.

    LovBe offers custom-designed rings, loose lab-created diamonds, bridal sets, wedding bands, stud earrings, pendants, and more. Every product is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a 60-day free returns. Free shipping and free resizing are also offered to all customers.


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