All You Need To Know About Diamond Accents


    Diamond accents are smaller diamonds that sit alongside the lab grown center stone in a ring setting (or even jewelry). Their primary purpose is to accentuate the center lab created diamond and make it more captivating.

    While even in the simplest of solitaire setting, a diamond can turn heads from across the room but by adding diamond accents to the setting, the center stone becomes distinctly fiery. Typically, accent diamonds range from as low as 0.01 carats to as high as 0.20 carats. Also called melee diamonds, these small diamonds are seen on many engagement ring styles and fine jewelry, either illuminating the large centerpiece diamond or forming gorgeous shapes in and of themselves.

    Diamond rings with accent

    In engagement rings, accent stones play a pivotal role in magnifying the center stone’s beauty. Like other diamonds, they also come in different shapes. Accent stones are popularly available in round, or even fancy shapes like trillion or baguettes. Many setting styles use baguette diamonds that are rectangular step-cut diamonds to complement the center stone as they look really pretty as side stones and add a definite shine to the design. Likewise, trillion cut accent diamonds are triangular cut and emit an intense shine when used around a gemstone. Round diamonds are considered versatile diamond accents and are used for many channel, pave and side stone ring styles.   

    Take Salma Hayek’s engagement ring, for instance. François-Henri Pinault, the husband of Salma Hayek, proposed to her with a stunning oval-shaped diamond ring, with trillion-shaped diamonds which elevates the oval center’s beauty. In fact, the history of celebs endorsing diamond rings with accents dates back to 1953. In that year, John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with an emerald shaped diamond surrounded with baguette stones. Dax Shepard, who got married to Kristen Bell in 2013, surprised her with a gorgeous emerald-cut diamond ring in platinum with diamond accents accentuating the center. 

    diamond accents

    Celebrity engagement rings have shown us how accent stones can add volume and extra bling to your ring. Even though the center stone is the showstopper, never underestimate the power of diamond accents in a ring!

    Are they even diamonds? 

    Yes, accent stones are genuine diamonds. Due to their tiny sizes, it is unviable and far too time consuming to grade every single accent diamond. If individually graded like center diamonds, smaller diamond accents’ commercial cost will cause a multifold increase in the final cost of the lab grown diamond ring or fine jewelry.

    Instead, the standard practice is for melee or accent diamonds is that they are bought in large parcels by jewelers with prices based on their total carat weight (TCW). As far as the color of the diamond accent is concerned, it should be good enough to make the jewelry look and shine brighter. We recommend that you pick a color and clarity range of diamond accents that’s closer to matching the quality of your main lab grown diamond. So, when purchasing diamond accent jewelry, remember to judge the quality of the diamond accent in context to the center stone.

    LovBe uses accent stones within the G-H color grade to make sure that our customers get their money’s worth and the gorgeous shine they so deserve! It is also important to check for manufacturing warranty when you buy diamond accent styles as no one wants their diamonds to start falling out or get dislodged. LovBe offers lifetime warranty on all its jewelry because we are proud of our high quality craftmanship. 




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