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    Bridal set rings are basically your engagement ring and wedding band. And an important decision to make is whether you want the engagement ring to match the wedding band, or not.

    In case you choose to wear your bridal set rings on the same finger or engagement ring and wedding band on the same hand (different fingers), then it is advisable to consider bridals set rings. It actually makes sense for many women who choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding band on same finger. Bridal ring stack is designed specifically to look beautiful (together!) and feel comfortable when worn as a set. 

    engagement ring and wedding band
    Scalloped Cushion Halo Bridal Engagement Ring

    There’s no safer way to make sure your engagement ring and wedding band pair perfectly than buying the rings together. The only significant drawback is that you have limited creative control in personalizing (design or detail wise).

    engagement ring and wedding band
    Astrid Bridal Engagement Ring
    engagement ring and wedding band
    Celia Bridal Engagement Ring








    For instance, LovBe’s Celia Bridal Engagement ring sits elegantly along side the wedding band that’s designed with a curve and swirls around the large center diamond. Or the Astrid Bridal Engagement Ring where the slight curve of the band sits flush with the crisscrossed engagement ring shank. These bridal set rings are beautiful examples that are made to fit like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

    Matching The Band:

    If you are buying a wedding band after purchasing your engagement ring, then keep an open mind while choosing. You may be inspired by one too many Pinterest boards but the comfort and fit of your band and engagement ring should be an important consideration, especially if you want to wear the rings daily. The wedding band has to shine on, without overshowing the beauty of the engagement ring or the center stone.

    Matching doesn’t have to mean “the same!” It is perfectly fine for brides to choose a wedding band that’s made from the same metal as their engagement ring or be more creative with metal pairing.

    engagement ring and wedding band bridal ring set
    Round Furl Solitaire Bridal Engagement Ring
    wedding bands
    Prong Eternity Diamond Wedding Band








    engagement ring wedding band
    LovBe Channel Wedding Band
    wedding band engagement ring
    Micro Prong Set Round Diamond Wedding Band









    For example, having one ring made of yellow gold and another of white gold is a common pairing. Mixing different metals can create a look that’s all your own.

    So, if you already have a fashionable engagement ring, compliment it with a delicate or micro prong wedding bandPairing multiple bands with different designs on the same finger is a major jewelry trend right now too. An eternity band works magnificently if you have a solitaire or halo setting in your engagement ring. Here, both a prong and pave setting looks stunning and adds to the whole glamour on the hand. 

    Ring stacks are like the modern-day insert, but with the option to switch out different rings. You can make this a practice to mark important occasions in your companionship, continuing to add on to the stack of bands. (For those of you who enjoy an active lifestyle, LovBe recommends wedding bands that are channel set because of durability)

    Your wedding jewelry symbolizes your personal commitment to and endless love for your partner, and how you decide to wear it is completely up to you! But if you need unbiased expert advice on matching wedding band with your engagement ring or looking to pick out a bridal set or just looking for some direction on the right kind of band, then connect with our Diamond Concierge anytime. 


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