Actionable Guide To Choose Classic Engagement Rings


    Trends change but some classic engagement ring styles have withstood the test of time. Because, they are simple perfection! A classic engagement ring by its very definition is a piece that can be worn forever without falling out of fashion.

    However, picking out the right classic engagement ring for your love can be really challenging as the variety of options and combinations are overwhelming. For example, a search for “engagement ring” on LovBe will show almost 3,000+ results. Reviewing all of them would take more time than even the most devoted jewelry lover wants to spend.

    So, here are a few things to help you breeze through:

    The 4 Cs: Most classic engagement ring styles put the center stone in focus. For this, you have got to pick out a lab grown diamond that checks all the right 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color.  While we know that love can’t—and shouldn’t—be measured by the size of a diamond but lab grown diamonds in carat sizes of 1.5-2 carats are hot favorites in 2021. It is also important to find an optimum diamond clarity grade like VVS (very very slightly included) so that the number of inclusions or blemishes a diamond has are not visible to the untrained eye. Another important characteristic is the diamond cut (how a diamond is faceted) because a Brilliant Cut diamond will be more visible light performance than a poorly cut. Don’t forget to check the IGI or GIA certification to truly understand a diamond

    The shape of your center stone: Each diamond shape has its own brilliance and character. The most common shape are the round, princess and oval diamonds, each known for their amazing sparkle. Round shape lab grown diamonds account for nearly 75% of all diamonds sold. With 58 facets, round shape diamonds are among the most sparkly stones your money can buy. However, there are many fancy shapes like marquise, heart, asscher, emerald, and pear shaped diamonds for you to choose and yet achieve the classic engagement ring style. But shape of diamond center stone is important factor in when setting in a classic engagement ring style. 

    The right metal: A simple classic ring style aka setting when paired with white, yellow, rose gold or even platinum metal, can completely change the final look of the ring. Each of the precious metal brings their own element of beauty to a ring’s aesthetics. It is important to consider the integrity of the design—while super-thin bands on wedding ring sets are popular right now, they are not designed for harsh everyday wear. Choose the sturdier 14K metal or platinum, if your partner will be wearing the ring everyday. 

    classic engagement ringMirrors your love story: You can’t have a classic engagement ring without a story of its own, right? Go for subtle adornments such as a hidden halo, elegant band details, to make a classic engagement ring setting your very own. For example, the classic halo setting with brilliant diamond accents is a style that is royalty and celeb approved yet completely customizable (think bands, or hidden accents or engravings and concealed diamonds inside shank) to reflect your own story! Take your ring to next level by choosing yellow or pink diamonds. A white diamond symbolizes cleanliness, power and purity, while a fancy yellow diamond shows hope, friendship and long-lasting happiness. The fancy pink diamond speaks of tender love.  

    A story doesn’t have to be told out loud. Some stories can be felt within. An engagement ring is such a story. Stylish, classy, and timeless—three things all women respect and treasure. Make your love story special with everlasting classic engagement rings.


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