8 Very Special Mother Daughter Jewelry Gift Ideas

    If you are a parent looking for the perfect mother daughter jewelry to mark an important occasion or a turning point your daughter’s adult life, then we will show you the best kind of gifts that’ll stay with her forever as a beautiful memory of the day, the moment and you!

    Jewelry gifts are very personal and there’s no one better who knows their child better than a mother (or the parents!). One day she’s a little angel in your arms, and the next she’s all grown up ready to fly out the nest. 

    Mother daughter jewelry can be a special, very meaningful fine jewelry gift that you both own. Or it can be an interpretation of something very personal for both of you. Like a daughter necklace that emulates the mother’s jewelry. Or a mother daughter jewelry set that completes each other.

    You don’t need to spend a ton of money to find the perfect daughter jewelry but we are here to inspire you to find the best possible fine jewelry gifts for your special person. Be it a special day like a birthday or graduation day, celebrating your daughter is always a good idea. Surprise her with a memorable gift from LovBe.

    Jewelry is like the perfect spice — it complements what’s already there.

    Diane Von Furstenberg

    Very special daughter necklace ideas

    If you want to opt for a gift that stays close to the heart, then nothing comes close to diamond necklace which will literally be close to her heart. That aside, a diamond jewelry  gift from you will always remind her that her folks have her back. 

    For most young women today, jewelry is about life, love, fashion, or personal accomplishment. It’s thus important to make sure that daughter’s jewelry gift fits with her life seamlessly. In short, if she leads an active life, then you should pick out a design or diamond carat size that can withstand the lifestyle.

    valentines day jewelry gift ideas
    Sparkly Dainty Heart Pendant features 26 round diamonds paved along a metal heart frame (0.56 TCW); price start at $549

    Pendant that can slide on the chain are a great gift for your daughter as they can be moved from one chain to another or even pinned on as charms or hair or jacket decorations, depending on your daughter’s preference.

    A minimalistic circle pendant or our top-seller heart pendant will show her your love. These meaningful jewelry gifts are real important on days when verbal affirmations don’t seem to work. So a glittering, radiant heart necklace which has your love put together on the outside can give your child the little boost they need to feel better on the inside.

    birthday necklace
    Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant sports 16 round diamonds laced along a heart (0.96 TCW); Price starts from $899

    You can choose white gold, yellow or rose gold variants in 14K/18K to suit your budget. 

    If she is in a corporate world, we would recommend a fitting daughter necklace that’ll be a blend of modern and classic so that she can wear it comfortably from a work meeting to a party with her colleagues.

    daughter necklace
    Radiant Round Halo Pendant (1 3/4 TCW) features a round brilliant cut solitaire with 38 smaller diamond halo which give the center stone a spectacular dazzle. Small round diamonds encrusted on the bale further adds to the glamor quotient; Price starts at $2499
    daughter birthday gift ideas
    Solitaire Emerald Pendant (3/4 TCW); Price start at $749


    Looking for Mother Daughter Jewelry Set?

    A good quality pair of lab grown diamond ear studs have the power to be that one little unique thing to make you feel special and empowered.

    Match your existing pair or get a matched diamond shape so that you can both show off your mother daughter jewelry set for the ‘gram! P.S. Social media has come to be a critical part of the gift-giving experience, as a platform to be inspired from, and seek validations for purchase and later to share story of the gift.  


    daughter jewelry gift ideas
    Candlelight Stud earrings in three-prong martini style setting (1 TCW); Price starts at $899

    Diamond studs, like these in 14k white gold, are a time tested accessory which can be worn day and night, from work to a special occasion. Show your daughter the difference a high quality pair of ear studs can make in taking her through a day to night effortlessly looking her charming self. She’d never need to take these off!

    For a more fashion-conscious daughter or someone who already has a pair of diamond studs in her jewelry box, show her the dazzling beauty of combining multiple lab grown diamonds making for an absolutely unique pair of ear accessories than the everyday ear studs.

    daughter birthday gift ideas
    Three Stone Lab Grown Diamond Studs (7/9 TCW); Price starts at $599

    LovBe’s three stone diamond studs or graduating three stone studs are a cut above any other fine jewelry gift. The diamonds are selected and crafted in prongs that are durable and designed to handle every day wear. Turn up the glam quotient in 14K or 18K yellow gold variants as this metal has seen a strong come back in recent years.

    daughter jewelry gifts
    Graduating Three Stone Diamond Earrings (1 1/2 TCW); Price start at $1089

    The best jewelry gift for your daughter should be easy to maintain and a versatile piece suited for daily wear. A 14k gold metal would be an ideal choice since 14K gold jewelry is quite affordable and durable due to higher percentage of alloys in gold. 

    Remember you always have the option to match her ear stud look with a pendant of your own, maybe?

    mother daughter jewelry set
    Graduating Three Stone Snowman Pendant (3/4 TCW); Price start at $799
    daughter gift necklace
    Triangular Three Stone Pendant (1 TCW.); Prices start at $849

    Remember, just one thoughtful gift that really touches your daughter’s heart is better than a hundred meaningless trinkets in her jewel box. So, we hope this little guide will help you narrow down to a stunning piece that can celebrate the loving bond between you and your daughter for a very very long time.




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