6 All-Time Favorite ‘Mother-Daughter Jewelry’

    Sure, girl dads are great. But so are girl moms! We have the perfect guide of our 6 all-time favorites mother-daughter jewelry gifts that’ll hit all the right notes. 

    Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, the holidays, birthdays, or wedding day, fine jewelry gifts will spell it out for themselves that you put some little extra thought into picking the gift. 

    It is easy to see why diamonds have such deep emotional significance when it comes to mother-daughter jewelry. A symbol of purity, the diamond’s pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole. It is also said to be an energy amplifier. Pretty similar to what a mother & daughter are to each other, we feel.


    “A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life” – Irish Proverb


    Jewelry From Mother To Daughter

    The word diamond is originally derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which meant unconquerable and indestructible. A famous Persian poet Hafiz even described a diamond as – “the rainbow is confined in it forever.”  Imagine your daughter staring at her very own rainbow everyday, and harnessing its beauty and energy into her life.

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    One simply cannot put a price on the sentimental value that comes with a diamond gift. Made to be worn and cherished for years to come, a diamond jewelry from mother to daughter is rooted in meaning and forever represents the special moment or occasion behind it. And these sentiments will no doubt outshine even the biggest and most dazzling diamond she may buy or get in her adult life.

      1. Match your halos with this mother & daughter jewelry pairing which is classic and will work with all ages and style preferences. Twin the style with your daughter or pick a metal color of your choice if you want to vibe with her. This 1 3/4 total carat weight oval halo earrings are surrounded by 36 smaller accent stones that double the shimmer. Oval shape diamonds are a great option than the traditional round ones for younger girls.
    mother daughter jewelry
    Halo Diamond Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold variant (1 1/3 TCW); prices start at $1949
    mother & daughter jewelry
    Halo Diamond Earrings in 14K Rose Gold (1 1/3 TCW); prices start at $1949


    2. You can coordinate the earring with a dainty halo pendant in a channel prong design to complete your daughter’s gift or each picks a style for your mother & daughter jewelry set.

    mother to daughter jewelry
    This attractive halo design with center solitaire gracefully held on four prong setting, is encircled by diamonds in channel prong setting. The diamond encrusted bail adds to its allure; Prices start ay $749


    Jewelry From Daughter To Mother

    Diamonds in jewelry from mother to daughter have been an accepted form of heirloom for generations. But today fine jewelry from daughter to mother too is equally significant and meaningful because of the thought that goes in to selecting the perfect diamond. 

    jewelry from daughter to mother
    Starlight Oval Ear studs; 14K Rose Gold variant; Prices start from $1049
    jewelry from mother to daughter
    Starlight Oval Ear studs; 14K White Gold variant; Prices start from $1049

    3. Diamond studs are the most effortless way to elevate any look just like these elegant four prongs setting oval studs. These oval studs appear larger because of their elongated shape and large surface which give a subtle yet chic look to the wearer. Set in 14K white-gold, these diamonds have VS clarity (which is considered a pretty good quality) and can be matched with a striking, vintage inspired oval pendant. This remarkable pendant has a kite-shaped diamond-encrusted bail with milgrain details and a central oval stone on a white-gold metal body that balances out the entire look.

    mother-daughter jewelry
    Excellent Oval Bezel Pendant in 14K rose gold variant
    daughter to mother jewelry
    This 0.5 TCW bezel set oval pendant is uniquely designed with 16 pavé set diamonds (0.25 TCW) and kite shaped bail. Milgrain details catalyzes its glamorous appearance; Prices start at $649


    Mother-Daughter Jewelry Gifts

    Mother-daughter necklaces are really popular nowadays. And we have created some really amazing designs that are simple but are rooted in meaningful memories that you choose to associate with your jewelry.

    4. It is always amazing to share a part of yourself with a loved one. One such lovely gift for your mom and you would be a heart-shaped pendant with 16 round diamonds in a 14K rose gold, yellow or white gold metal variants.

    diamond gifts for daughters
    Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant (0.96 TCW; 16 diamonds) in 14k Rose Gold; Prices start at $899
    mother daughter necklace
    Lovable Ardent Heart Pendant (0.96 TCW; 16 diamonds) in 14K White Gold; Prices start at $899

    5. You could also get mother daughter necklaces in fancy cut solitaire style (perhaps in different carat sizes and chain lengths, depending what’s comfortable to each).

    jewelry from daughter to mother
    Exclusive Solitaire Pear Pendant (1/2 TCW); Prices start at $749
    jewelry birthday gift
    Charismatic Princess Solitaire Pendant (1/2 TCW) in 14K Yellow Gold; Prices start at $499
    mother daughter jewelry
    Fascinating Solitaire Emerald Pendant (1/2 TCW); Prices start at $499


    A good quality diamond is also said to allow the soul to shine, aiding spiritual evolution and acts as a reminder of your soul’s aspirations. Whether you choose to believe in karmic properties of a diamond or not, but a well-crafted diamond jewelry radiates such glorious sparkle that it can put a cheer in your heart and smile on the face!

    Diamond jewelry can be a one of the most precious gifts to honor and treasure the bond between mother and daughter. From getting matching jewelry to choosing a jewelry design that resonates between the two, it is definitely a fabulous way to be connected forever.


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