Choose the best 50th birthday gift for your wife!

    Celebrating your partner’s 50th birthday gift? Then make sure that you get her one of the most special gifts of her life, it’s after all a huge milestone in her life.

    Steer clear of clichés, and ‘practical gifts’ like electronics and appliances. Choose something unique and thoughtful that will help her celebrate the half century she’s enjoyed and look forward to her next decades, like fine jewelry which she can wear unabashedly everyday. 

    For most women, fine jewelry is about life, love, or emotional or personal milestones. It’s critical to show your wife why you chose a jewelry piece and how it fits with her life. Focus on the context not the price or carat size, we would say.

    Diamonds (lab grown diamonds are as much a diamond as those from the earth!) and platinum are a match made in heaven. So, today, we’ll list out a few platinum-diamond jewelry gift ideas for your lovely wife. She would appreciate lab grown diamonds as a choice available to her which wasn’t around some decades ago. These diamonds are grown in hi-tech laboratories with no loss of bio-diversity or digging holes in the earth. These are diamonds that you can feel assured about because of their origin. 


    We are proud to offer unique jewelry gift befitting any age, style, preferences and one that adds more meaning to her special day. Add a handwritten note (make a toast to her!) from you on your journey together and how she has contributed to you and family would be the perfect icing on the cake for her special day.

    Read on to discover the best 50th birthday gift ideas below!

    Platinum & Diamond Combination for Wife’s 50th Birthday Gift

    Platinum is known as one of the most durable and strongest metals for diamond settings. Its high malleability quotient makes it a fantastic choice to create lasting jewelry designs.

    Unlike gold, platinum does not wear out or lose its sheen with use. The easy-to-maintain platinum thus makes it a top choice for engagement rings and bands. Also, platinum’s sparkling white radiance adds a subtle but complementary brilliance to diamonds, making for a perfect combination. Take a look at these LovBe recommendations:

    After 50 years, you may want to upgrade the diamond center on her engagement ring. and her Golden Jubilee Year is the perfect time for it. Upgrading to a bigger diamond (bigger carat size) or a different shape diamond (if the engagement ring setting permits) can completely evolve the look of her ring. Choose from LovBe’s wide range of loose diamonds – cushion, heart, asscher, emerald, princess, and more. 

    50th Birthday gift calls for the unparalleled beauty of a Hearts and Arrows center stone in her ring! Hearts & arrow is a term used for diamonds with exceptional cut. A cut so precise, that it exhibits aligned, symmetrical patterns inside the stone (when seen with a special view scope). These diamonds will display arrows in a top view, and heart shapes when diamond is viewed upside-down.

    Why are they the premium range in all diamonds? Because they have the absolute best light performance.


    Custom build a ring, engrave it with a special phrase or a memorable date and make her 50th birthday gift unforgettable.

    With LovBe’s design your own ring option, you can create a custom ring design in platinum. You can choose the diamond shape and cut your wife’s desire for so long and build a ring that resonates with her personal style. Whatever design you have in mind, we promise to bring it to life.

    Why get her flowers that will last a few days when you can get her a flower ring that’ll last for years to come?

    50th birthday gift for wife
    Meticulously crafted, the Daisy Engagement Ring emulates a flower with eight petals with flush-set diamonds and dainty accent diamonds on the band’s shoulder. The center diamond floats over the corolla style halo perfectly adorning this blossoming beauty

    50th Birthday Gift For Wife, that’s not a ring

    Choose wisely, putting her style, her choices first. Think of the diamonds shapes and metal color she prefers or would like to see in her jewelry box. Think of the style of jewelry – something that she will easily wear daily or something that will be for those special occasions. This is why a jewelry gift is so much more special — it’s a reflection of the wearer, enhancing their personality.

    Rings are not the only birthday gift for your wife. There are many more fine jewelry options to explore.

    You can choose a pair of gorgeous studs like halo diamond earrings that feature ever-so-classy oval center stones in shape matching halos smaller round diamonds. Pick a metal color of her choice and you will see the twinkle of this pair on her face forever.

    fine jewelry
    Halo Diamond Earrings in 14K Rose Gold (1 1/3 TCW); prices start at $1949

    Bring on your carat game with a shiny tennis bracelet – a whopper 7-carat tennis bracelet that will make sure she has everyone’s attention. Any birthday girl who’s a fan of jewelry will love this meaningful 50th birthday gift idea. 

    gift ideas for my wife's 50th birthday gift
    Tennis Bracelet (7 TCW) in 14K yellow gold, with 48 round lab grown diamonds in prong setting; Price $4999

    Another wonderful gift can be pendants which are great as 50th birthday gift for a minimalist. From solitaire pendants and glimmering halo necklace – LovBe has the right carat and glamor to complement your wife’s aura.  

    Crafted with love and intention, jewelry can be a beautiful extension of your wife’s personality. Over the years, she would have her own pieces that hold precious memories and personal significance. Add a new memory to her collection, and it’ll double her confidence and strength to shine for decades ahead.


    Want to see how LovBe can help you in choosing the perfect 50th birthday gift, one that will check all the boxes? Speak, chat or email our Diamond Concierge and get unbiased expert advice on diamond shapes, settings, jewelry gifts at a budget of your choosing. 


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