5 Classic Engagement Ring Styles



    Trends come and go, but the classics stay forever. A few super classic engagement ring styles have endured the test of time. These traditional favourites exemplify simplicity, sophistication and elegance. If you’re looking for that perfect ring to capture your partner’s heart, you simply cannot go wrong with our collection of classic engagement rings. 

    Solitaire Rings: In this effortlessly classic engagement ring style, the diamond commands center stage. This setting design highlights your lab grown diamond and makes it the focal point of attention, so choose your 4Cs wisely. The single center stone is held in place by four or six claws or four prongs set with rose, white, yellow, or platinum band. This style has withstood fashion seasons for decades and shows no signs of retiring. The best part about classic engagement rings with solitaire styles is that they can be completely customized with a wedding band or a matching anniversary ring!

    Halo Rings: The center stone of halo engagement ring is surrounded by a row (or a shape that matches the center stone) of sparkling diamonds, enhancing its beauty. The style of this ring is ideal for those who prefer their jewelry to be lavish while still remaining distinctly elegant. Our selection of halo style engagement rings are both universal and timeless along with being completely customizable so that you have the final say in designing your masterpiece. 

    Pavé Rings: Pavé refers to a method of adorning an engagement ring with several tiny diamonds. The French word translates to ‘paved’ and this jewelry technique was named as such because it resembles a paved or cobblestone road. Small diamonds are commonly encrusted on the metal, either on the side of the band or around the center stone in form of a halo, adding radiance and sparkle to the the piece. A four or six claw solitaire center with a pavéd band is the most popular choice for this style. You can choose any shape of lab grown diamonds in pavé style setting because the style adds to the bling without taking the spotlight away from the center stone

    Three Stone Rings (Trilogy Rings): The three stone engagement rings are usually diamond trio (although one can customize diamond with other gemstones too), and they are placed in a plain or pavé band with graduated stones. Typically, three stone rings are thought of as a traditional engagement ring style offering a classic and elegant look. This intriguing design is a beautiful way to incorporate a variety of diamond shapes – resulting in absolutely unique designs. For instance, an oval-shaped center diamond can be paired with two ‘fancy shape’ diamonds like pear or round diamonds. Custom three stone engagement rings are a more modern design option, and the possibilities are endless. 

    Vintage Rings: What better way to express your everlasting love than with a vintage ring? These one-of-a-kind pieces are incredibly meaningful and can capture unique elements to perfectly match the wearer’s persona. This setting choice can turn a simple round brilliant diamond look like an intricate floral cluster or envelop a modern cut like an asscher center within an art deco craftsmanship. We love how vintage ring styles add a beautiful dimension and texture to the overall design. Choose your metal and band style to further add brilliance of the primary stones to the center stone. Browse LovBe’s extensive collection of vintage rings here

    We know that a lot goes in buying that perfect engagement ring. But make sure you understand what kind of setting style will your partner prefer. For example, if they are very active, or work with their hands extensively, then you will be better off with designs and styles that are low maintenance and durable.

    All the classic engagement ring styles are a perennial favorite for a reason — they resonate with the wearer and their lifestyles. The perfect ring setting shouldn’t be a compromise between the amount of desired sparkle and the lifestyle you want to wear it in. Talk to LovBe’s Diamond Concierge if you have any questions. 


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