3 carat engagement ring for the price of 1.5 carat!



    Yes, that’s right. You can build a 3 carat engagement ring (or rather 3 carat diamond) for the price of a 1.5 carat mined diamond. And that is LovBe’s Promise to you! So, if your partner has her eyes on a ‘big’ diamond then keep reading.

    Much of what determines the price of a 3 carat engagement ring will fall under the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat of the diamond.

    Read The Best 4Cs To Look For In A Diamond

    Carat is defined as the weight of a diamond, the higher the weight the rarer a diamond is. Lab grown diamonds, just like mined diamonds, come in a range of carat sizes. Higher the carat, costlier the diamond because bigger diamond sizes are difficult to grow or mine. So, a 0.25 carat diamond is not a fourth of the same diamond at 1 carat!

    When choosing a 3 carat diamond engagement ring, it is important to choose a higher diamond color, clarity and cut because they will play a more important role in how magnificently your 3 carat diamond will sparkle! LovBe’s in-house gemologists believe that a diamond’s cut (not to be confused with diamond’s shape) plays a significant role in how  brilliant your diamond will be.

    Two diamonds with the same carat weight can appear to be different sizes depending on the depth or shape of their cut. If a diamond is cut very shallow, it has more surface area and so may appear larger, but it would lack depth and sparkle, and it would receive a poor cut grade. You can ask our diamond concierge for more information, if you want to understand about any diamond on LovBe and want to understand it’s cut symmetry.

    We recommend to choose an Excellent, Ideal cut 3 carat diamond as a center stone because of the large crown area, inclusions and color tints can be seen more easily on a 3 carat diamond than a lower carat size. Thus, VS1 or VS2 are the best clarity grades for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring. If you are going for the white colorless diamond, then you will get best scintillation within E-F-G color range.

    It is LovBe’s brand promise to offer the best value on all of our distinctly superior quality lab grown diamonds. You don’t need to compromise on any 4Cs or the price. You can have it all!

    3 carat diamond ring
    Actor Katherine Heigl said “Yes!” to a 3 carat diamond engagement ring (pear shape) from Josh Kelley.

    3 carat diamond
    LovBe’s Bianca Pear Engagement Ring

    3 carat diamond engagement ring
    LovBe’s Ravishing Pear Shaped Engagement Ring








    Shop 3 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

    A 3-carat diamond ring is a conversation-starter, for sure! And
    now you can too own a head turner well-cut 3-carat diamond from LovBe that’s extraordinary brilliance, sparkle and fire. Try our 360 high definition videos which will give you an absolute honest view of the diamond with magnification that’s far better than a jewelers loupe. We stock an amazing range of 3 carat diamonds starting from around $7444!

    Browse from hundreds of classic, modern, vintage style settings and build your own 3 carat engagement ring.


    Apart from the 4Cs, the diamond’s shape also affects the apparent size of the center stone. From classic round diamonds to fancy shapes such as emerald, pear, and Asscher, you can choose one that will look gorgeous on your partner’s finger.


    Reasons why you can confidently choose a dazzling
    3-carat diamond engagement ring on LovBe…

    lovbe lab grown diamonds

    1. At LovBe, we promise to offer you wide range of stunning 3-carat diamond engagement rings for the price of a 1.5 carat natural diamond! You can get a 3.04 carat round diamond at $17,267 vs. a 1.54 carat natural diamond at approximately $16,484!. That’s 2x the carats of a mined diamond!

    2. Our diamonds are IGI certified and we boast of an excellent selection of quality lab grown diamonds. LovBe’s stringent quality standards ensure that you get the best diamond for your beloved.
    3. The cut determines the sparkle of the diamond. LovBe diamonds has a wide range of  ideal to excellent cut diamonds which are crafted with precision and symmetry so that each diamond lights up with maximum fire. 
    4. You can upgrade your center stone anytime! LovBe offers lifetime diamond upgrades to all its customers.  
    5. LovBe gives you free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement, and a generous  60-day return policy. If you don’t like it, we’ve got your back. Our promise to provide highest quality extends beyond the lab grown diamonds and that’s why we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry. 
    6. Customers have consistently rated our diamonds and our unbiased Diamond Concierge service as 5-star (Trustpilot Reviews). Remember, you will get un-commissioned diamond advice straight from our experts, every single time.



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